"We worked together for 2,5 years. She changed my life. Before our work, I lived in a state of grey depression and chaos. I had been, at times, near suicide. After our work together, I have begun to live a life of color. Everything that I couldn't make work before—is coming to me now. The life i want. Love, family, a career that I am passionate about that supports me to earn prosperously. Dr. D was the change that has allowed me to soar." —SM

"I’m 57 years old and, because of a divorce and the traumatic early illnesses of my parents, have been to several therapist over the years. I was lucky enough that they were all very good. However, even in a field of excellence, Katarzyna stands head and shoulders above the rest. Not only is she extremely intelligent and logical, but she possesses an unusual depth of emotional sensitivity, which seems completely natural to her. This combination of extreme intelligence and warm natural sensitivity creates a feeling of safety and constructive acceptance that makes her unique as a human being even in the field of clinical therapy. As if her qualities as a clinical therapist weren’t enough, she is also the best emdr therapist I’ve been to; she helped me fully process things which my previous therapists couldn’t budge. Finally, she is very discreet, which made it possible for me to recommended her to a couple of friends over the past few years. They are thrilled with her as well." —HC

"I've been seeing Katarzyna for the last several years now, and she has guided me through some of the darkest and most painful periods of my life – both past and present. The only way I could experience any sense of healing is for me to be with someone whom I could trust implicitly, without question, and with whom I felt safe, knowing that I was making myself more vulnerable with her than with perhaps anyone in my life. Katarzyna has never failed to make me feel just that, safe, and in the process she has helped me to uncover and process things about myself that were in great need of healing. She is always professional, she is kind, she is gentle, she knows when it is time to push and when it is time to let me walk at my own pace. I will forever be grateful for the gift of healing she has brought and continues to bring to me." —MH

"Katarzyna has really helped me find stability and stay grounded during a very difficult time in my life. I am very grateful for her support throughout the process. I found her feedback to be very supportive but also very constructive; she has helped me to be more in the present and move forward after a loss. I’m so grateful for the support she has given me and for her help processing the past. I highly recommend her to anyone going through a life change and trying to navigate themselves on the road forward after a loss." —MC

"Ms. Dlugosz played a major role as a therapist in my recovery process and helped me to understand my dysfunctional family, the unhealthy role I had in that dysfunction. Without that knowledge and identification I would never able to overcome of my addiction. She assisted me to learn to cope, have better boundaries, healthier relationship with myself and others and most importantly she guided me to build a much better life or I should say find happiness within me. I can not thank her enough for her help, knowledge and determination as a professional. Thank you!" —EB

"Perceptive and adroit, welcoming and professional, Katarzyna is open minded and a skilled and receptive listener. She is both insightful and communicative. I highly recommend her as a therapist; she has been a tremendous help to me." —DM

"Kata challenges me. She is smart and insightful, but also tolerant and even-keeled. She really cares about her patients, and has offered me some great coping skills that have helped me become less anxious in my day to day life, and to see the good parts of myself. As someone who grew up halfway across the world, she also has a more holistic perspective on life and I think that adds to her efficacy. I've been to several therapists throughout life and she has been far and away the best. Highly, highly recommend!" —NF


"It was pure luck from the universe that I found Karolina on ZocDoc during the Fall of 2019. I was in crisis and as soon as I walked into her room, I felt calmer and knew I found a therapist who could help me navigate my dark times. She is flexible and curious about you as a whole person and thanks to our sessions, my overall health - not just mental health - has significantly improved." —Cassondra W.

"Starting sessions with Karolina was one of the best decisions I've ever made; she has this wonderful ability to create a compassionate, non-judgmental space in which I feel comfortable being myself, while also providing straight-forward, practical advice that has helped me grow as a person and cultivate peace of mind. I'm truly grateful to have found her." —MA

"Karolina is a very professional, knowledgable, and kind therapist. I have been seeing Karolina since September of 2019, during a very critical moment in my life, and the progress I've made can be measured by my higher level of self-confidence and my interest in looking forward to a purposeful future. Moreover, I have been learning tools to help me stay grounded when I feel I'm losing my body and mental balance. Therapy is a journey on its own and I feel very fortunate to have found my way to a more healthy lifestyle with Karolina." —MPD

"I've been a client of Karolina's for over 4 months now, and I marvel at her guidance in helping me reach my personal awareness goals. She uses a lot of different techniques to teach me how to help myself, arming me with tools I can practice during the week and encouraging my feedback when I visit. That has been the most productive use of my time, as well as it has been the greatest gift: to have practical, tangible ways to help guide myself and learn and grow. I really appreciate our sessions." —AG

"I have been seeing Karolina for about 6 months now. She not only helped me strive against my breakup but also helped me realize what I did and how I could address my issues. She is now my life coach. Every session with her I learned more about myself. She asked a lot of good questions that made me think in a very constructive way. She also pointed out where I can excel in life. I highly recommend her." —Phanthira (pat) T.

"I have gained so much from Karolina and I have only been seeing her for about 3 months. She has turned into a life coach at this point and I could not be happier. I am pleasantly surprised by the direction our sessions have gone, all for the better. I initially reached out to her to address certain anxieties and she has covered so much more. She has many tools and a lot of information to offer after she takes the chance to really listen and understand you. She causes me to look at the bigger picture and achieve a fuller life which has been extremely empowering. I highly recommend her." —JE

"Dr Karolina is professional and intuitive. She leads me to discover myself and helps me reshape a healthier thinking pattern in interpersonal relationship."

"My time with Karolina was an experience that was not only transformative but imperative for myself and all those connected. This was my first Reiki session and what I experienced in this one meeting has allowed me to simply breathe. A breath that is not only deep and clear but one that breathes throughout my entire being-physical and spiritual. The concept of time ceases to exist as Karolina facilitates my soul’s expansion. I allowed my body and mind to surpass barriers that have been embedded in me from my childhood. Karolina has directed me to a freedom, one that began with a replenishment of my own abundance, gratitude and faith. I relinquished bindings and yet I wasn’t hollowed from the years of burden but filled with a new perspective. One that I will follow to my own freedom, because I know now, I am worthy, I am luminous and I am strength" —CLH
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